Sleep restriction-sedative hypnotics stimulus control therapy -get all stimuli out of bedroom; use bed for sleep and sex only-no pets, no tv, very dark, etc-if can’t sleep for more than 15 minutes, leave the bedroom and go to low light area, do something deadly dull like needlepoint etc. What is the generic name of viagra viagra for cheap safe take viagra alcohol viagra side effects in young men (no chores, no work); this trains mind that bedroom is a good place to be and good for sleep-no naps during the day! cheapest viagra online generic viagra on line generic viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra uk delivery -point is to built up homeostatic drive for sleep so they can sleep at night-get up at same time every day, even on weekends restless leg syndrome: prevalance 5-10% of general population restless leg syndrome: sx -indescribable discomfort in legs relieved momentarily by movement of legs-"creepy crawly" or "pins and needles"-happens when falling asleep or sitting for long periods of time restless leg syndrome: dx -hx-check iron levels restless leg syndrome: tx -iron supplement (if low iron)-levodopa and dopaminergic agonists - 50-85% of pts improve in sx-benzodiazepines (klonopin)-opiates periodic limb movemement disorder: prevalence -70% of pts with rls have plmd but only minority of pts with plmd have rls periodic limb movemement disorder: sx -twitch of legs while sleeping-very periodic, like a clock periodic limb movemement disorder: dx polysomnography periodic limb movemement disorder: tx -levodopa and dopaminergic agonists-? viagra buy on line no prescription canada viagra generico dr simi mexico viagra without a doctor prescription miami Klonopine? Viagra prescription guidelines viagra with no prescription viagra generico dr simi mexico (if improvement more related to decreasing arousals)-opiates difference between rls and plmd rls: when awake; creepy/crawly plmd: when asleep; twitching primary circadian rhythm disorders (disorders of the wake sleep cycle) -delayed sleep phase syndrome-advanced sleep phase syndrome secondary circadian rhythm disorders (disorders of the wake sleep cycle) -jet lag-shift work delayed sleep phase syndrome: sx -can't fall asleep until late (until 2-6 am) delayed sleep phase syndrome: dx -presents as either sleep onset insomnia or eds esp in am delayed sleep phase syndrome: tx -career counsleing-chronotherapy (sleep around clock to try to train brain)-bright light in am advanced sleep phase syndrome: sx -can't stay up as la. viagra 20 mg tadalafil viagra in canada for sale viagra generico dr simi mexico canada generic viagra viagra no prescription next day Viagra for men what's for women Maged Basilious Architect is one of the leading architectural firms in South-Western Ontario